Thursday, 26 September 2013

Animation Promo

Check out our student animation promo reel. This will give you an insight about the upcoming show reels from our school

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pre Production Promo - Animation and Art School Goa

Hi check out the latest PRE PRODUCTION PROMO VIDEO at our school. We are providing top class art & design programs in the country. Watch the video to see the difference in education. Please share it around and help students to get the right education from our facebook page

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Insider's Story

This week we are in conversation with Prem to discover his journey from an engineer to a perfect scorer in his entrance exam for the worlds number one college - Sheridan, where he aspires to be a 2D Animator

What were you doing before Animation and Art School Goa?
 I did my engineering from Trivandrum. After my course got over i was keen on joining the arts, I was quite interested in drawing but couldn't pursue it professionally due to family pressure. After which I got a job and joined Accenture - Bangalore.

Why did you choose Animation and Art School Goa?
After my degree I started preparing for Sheridan as it is the best collage in the world, so I started working towards building my drawing skills. I searched a lot in Bangalore, went to renowned colleges like NID but was still unsatisfied as they gave more emphasis to software based skills. Then i got in touch with a bunch of accomplished artists around India , met them personally, and one of them recommended this school to me. They seemed like experts in their field which evoked my interest. I called Dattaraj and found out that the batch was about to begin, so I got here in the next 2 days

How was your experience here?
It was GREAT... I learned a lot over here.
Earlier i thought If I could draw it was enough, everything happens with time. But it never occurred to me that so much goes into it. Before I got here I was lost and lacked direction or a mentor in my life. They gave me a strong direction to move in and guided on my path towards artistic enhancement.

What is unique about Animation and Art School Goa?
My artistic education here has been very enriching.  The faculties here are specialists in their field. There is no animation school in India at least which teaches both traditional and modern media, This is certainly the college for the next level.

What do you think about the Faculty?
The Faculty here is the best part about the college, They are professionals who have worked for many years. So they know what they are talking about and they have a strong sense of mentor-ship towards the students. They are also very warm and friendly.

How was your experience in Goa?
I think its a very good place for students who are starting out as artists. Its very calm, isolated, and among the art experts who love the same things I love. There is nothing to Distract or disturb you, The environment supports our cause. Its a very comfortable and warm space which helps maintain focus

How do you think your education here helped you score a near perfect score at Sheridan?
That is a very general question which encompasses a lot of various reasons but some of them would be

1) Constant feedback
2) Their curriculum - The way the course is structured is very systematic and effective.
3) The study of traditional media and arts
4)  The conceptual thinking imparted into us with the ability to bring art to life
5) The application of all the above principles into the execution of your art.

This is an Avante garde college which gives you the firm roots of the traditional arts. I'd really like most students like me to talk about this place, lets reach out to them.

The Insider's Story

We are in conversation with Alisha Vas who is a BFA graduate in Illustration,
She speaks about how happy she was joining Animation and Art School Goa, as it proved to be a revolutionary learning experience.

What were you doing before you joined Animation and Arts school Goa?
"I was studying fine arts at the Goa college of Art for 4 years, I majored in illustration. Since I had a background in traditional medium I came here mainly with an intention to specialize and gain in-depth understanding of my field 

Why did you choose Animation and Arts school Goa?
I came for a workshop here. I was very thoroughly impressed with the faculty and the way they worked. They knew the subject very well. I did check out other institutes in Goa, but honestly nothing they were offering came close to what i was looking for and the pre-production course offered here met my needs completely.

How are the facilities here?
The facilities the college offers is just right, they have enough to meet the student's needs. This place offers gadgets you need for a comfortable learning experience. This is one of the reasons i chose this school, It makes me very comfortable as not being able to afford technology is not a disability anymore. 

What is the difference in your Art from when you began till now?
Well, i can see a total leap in the level of work i am producing now. While earlier good work was a matter of chance, now we understand the details that go into it, which helps me produce the results required. Now I am a lot more confident about finding a job in my industry.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Écorché Foundation Class

Snippets from the Écorché Foundation Class

The Digital Art Conundrum

 Hello people

                      A eye opening article to all the traditional artists on DIGITAL ART by Ruturaj Arolkar. Check it out.