Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Insider's Story

We are in conversation with Alisha Vas who is a BFA graduate in Illustration,
She speaks about how happy she was joining Animation and Art School Goa, as it proved to be a revolutionary learning experience.

What were you doing before you joined Animation and Arts school Goa?
"I was studying fine arts at the Goa college of Art for 4 years, I majored in illustration. Since I had a background in traditional medium I came here mainly with an intention to specialize and gain in-depth understanding of my field 

Why did you choose Animation and Arts school Goa?
I came for a workshop here. I was very thoroughly impressed with the faculty and the way they worked. They knew the subject very well. I did check out other institutes in Goa, but honestly nothing they were offering came close to what i was looking for and the pre-production course offered here met my needs completely.

How are the facilities here?
The facilities the college offers is just right, they have enough to meet the student's needs. This place offers gadgets you need for a comfortable learning experience. This is one of the reasons i chose this school, It makes me very comfortable as not being able to afford technology is not a disability anymore. 

What is the difference in your Art from when you began till now?
Well, i can see a total leap in the level of work i am producing now. While earlier good work was a matter of chance, now we understand the details that go into it, which helps me produce the results required. Now I am a lot more confident about finding a job in my industry.


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